About the Author:  

Bishop Thomas G. Thompson Jr. serves as the Senior Pastor of Gospel Arena International Ministry of Miami, Florida, located at 7511 NW 7th Avenue under the Leadership of his father the America Black Prophet Apostle Dr. T G Thompson Sr. The Arena is a strong supporter of the reconciliation among race, gender, class, culture and denomination.

Bishop Thompson declares that the Arena’s mission is to create a worship experience that touches the heart of God, to preach and teach with biblical authority and integrity, and to equip the saints to evangelize the nations. As Pastor/Teacher He shares God’s word boldly, simply, and with an anointed enthusiasm that captures the hearts and minds of hearers. He has learned, through personal experience, that God’s word can be effective in every area of one’s life. And that it will work for anyone who will hear, believe and apply it. Bishop Thompson received His Doctorate degree from Bethel Bible College in Christian Counseling and a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Maranatha Divinity School. He completed his undergraduate work at Christian Logos Bible College, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pastoral Studies. He was licensed to preach in 1982 as an ordained to minister, a Youth Pastor in 1984, as a Prophet in 1989 and on June 15, 2009 as a Bishop.  Bishop Thompson has also restored, through the Word of God, many broken marriages and has helped provide for single parent homes. Pastor Thompson strongly believes that the church is the lighthouse for the community and when it stops lighting, the community suffers.

Bishop Thompson is the Husband of Prophetess Lorraine Thompson and proud Father of two beautiful daughters, Ebony and Essence. Pastor Jr. is a preacher as well as a businessman. Pastor Jr. and his wife are the owners of the 1st African American Beauty School accredited in Broward County. This is another way God has given them a chance to touch lives with the message of Jesus Christ and t

o enable them to empower the community at the same time. In closing Prophet Jr. and gospel Arena Family have dedicated their lives to Fasting and Praying and God has given him a restoration and increase message. This book is written with the intent and purposes to help cope with loosing of a parent.  It is filled with heart felt thought desperate pleading of healing in the soul, wondering of my mind, questions about my faith, and dealing with the grief and pain of losing my father the America Black Prophet, the Apostle Dr. T.G. Thompson Sr. Also, I share hard won faith life lessons.

This book was made possible through love, prayers and support of my family and friends.  I would like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for helping me do something that I thought was impossible for me to do while I am grieving and hurting over the loss of my father Apostle T.G. Thompson Sr.  Because of God amazing infinite wisdom that sometimes He will use special

vessel during a dark journey to write a book using their own personal experiences to promote His glory by encouraging, inspiring and empowering someone else.